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Day 114: April 24th, 2014

I was doing so well with writing these 10 minute writing post at the beginning of the year. I fell off hard around the second or third week. 

Despite my hiatus of writing meaningful things, I’ve been feeling the impulse to write a bit more lately. I had the pleasure of staying with my older sister, Erica in Jersey this past week. I helped her with her showcase and just chilled with her. As usual it was awesome and I got to meet a lot of her cool, artsy, and ambitious friends. 

It’s always refreshing staying out there with her. My sister’s roommate is moving out and for about a month or two (May and June) there will be a free bedroom available for me to move in. I’ve been tossing around the idea of moving to New Jersey from Maryland for years but it always just seemed liked a terrible idea financially. Lately, however, it’s looking more and more enticing. I have a better idea of what I want to do with my life. Before my life’s was broad and ambiguous but now after almost a year of graduating I have it figured out. 

The job that I’d be leaving behind isn’t that much of an asset. Yesterday the Manager came late and I think I sort of snapped and just went home. It seems insignificant but it was 6 a.m. in the fucking morning so I was pissed. I was standing outside waiting for the manager to come open the door and decided I just wasn’t going to work my shift for that day or probably ever again. 

The decision to quit is long over due. I wasted 6 months at that job and really have nothing but money to show for my efforts. Now I’m working towards the absolute goal of working for myself. That’s the endgame for me and nothing else will suffice. People think it’s an impractical goal to start off with but I don’t think so. My only regret is that I started thinking this after I got out of college. I wish had some of that Kanye, The College Dropout ambition a while ago. An unshakable and firm belief in oneself is one of the greatest assets one can ever have. 

I quit my summer job last July after I graduated but I had no plan or goal. Actually, I did but I wasn’t wholeheartedly working towards it. I got distracted but I don’t plan on making the same mistakes.

I’ve taken an inventory of myself, know my worth and have clear cut goals. Everything I want spiritually and monetarily is mine for the taking. 

  -  24 April
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